Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)


Background: OPSEU is one of Canada’s largest unions, representing 130,000 of Ontario’s government employees. The job base supported by the union is as diverse as its membership, with employees from numerous industrial sectors: healthcare, education, government, and retail.

The Work: Unions are often at the forefront of social activism and change in our society and OPSEU is a leader in this movement.

This past year, OPSEU extended its community outreach through its first ever Vaisakhi campaign for the 500,000+ Punjabi speaking community of Ontario.

Our team provided assistance through translation, artwork adjustment and recommendations for outreach. OPSEU has continued in its outreach efforts by investing in other campaigns centred on particular events and days such as Labour Day – in this latter case Sunflower provided recommendations and execution on a ten community outreach campaign in Southern Ontario.