New Markets

Each year, 1.3 million new immigrants set up households in Canada and the US.

The median income level for Asian immigrant households in both Canada and the US exceed the median for the rest of the US and Canadian population.

Sometimes the difference is staggering, as in the case of Indian-American households. They earn almost 80% more than the rest of the US population.

In Canada, the leading countries for new arrivals are China, India, and the Philippines.

These countries are also in the top five for USA immigrants, along with Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Demographers estimate that by 2030 today’s ‘visible minorities’ will will form the majority of the population in the United States. That will also be the case in Canadian cities like Vancouver, and Toronto – the latter being the most multicultural city in North America. Multicultural marketing will be the new mainstream.

These markets are too large to be glossed over.

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