New Markets

In 2022, nearly 450,000 immigrants moved to Canada.

Multicultural is ‘mainstream’. Are you reaching out to these markets?

According to Census data, one in four people in Canada today was born abroad. By 2035 that will rise to 30% of the population. Canadian cities like Vancouver, and Toronto are among the most multicultural in the world with significant populations from countries like China, India, the Philippines, Iran and others.

A Lifetime of Returns

Immigrant markets are the growth markets in Canada and the US. Numerous studies have shown that brand adoption early in the newcomer journey tends to be sticky and can even be trans-generational. For example, the household brands one’s immigrant parents adopted are often passed down to (or re-adopted by) their children and even further future generations.

Multicultural marketing can seem daunting, especially when executed in non-official languages like Punjabi, Chinese, or others. But it doesn’t have to be – that’s where we enter the story – and there are potentially a lifetime(s) of returns for the effort.

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