Multicultural marketing – that’s us.

We work with brands, agencies, and impossible deadlines (you needed that when?)

At Sunflower Media, we are all things multicultural: content, media, social trends, and of course, marketing.

On the industry side, we monitor multicultural media, track community event opportunities, keep up to date with the latest in ad-tech, and much more. On the cultural front, we closely track (and actively participate in) the media conversations trending in Canada’s rapidly growing immigrant communities.

Through this insider knowledge, we are able to provide guidance for brand strategy and brand protection, all while turning-around media plans, local or national, within client deadlines.

For over 12+ years this is all we have done. Our work speaks for itself: we have partnered with numerous brands and AOR’s on everything from a client’s first outreach into Canada’s immigrant markets to them becoming firmly established names in these growth markets.

Our Services
We execute campaigns in languages such as Chinese, Punjabi, Urdu, Tagalog, Korean, and more and work across multiple mediums: print, digital (programmatic/ social/ WeChat/ more), TV, radio and OOH. We provide ad-ops services like copy-writing, translation, graphic design, as well as other forms administrative support, and digital analytics & reporting.


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