Sprott Shaw College

Background: One of Canada’s oldest private colleges, Sprott Shaw has featured their courses in a number of campaigns over many years that have targeted multicultural consumers in BC and across Canada.

These have crossed all platforms: print, web, radio, and TV.

Over this time period, Sprott Shaw has not only grown in the number of campuses established in Canada and overseas but also in the number of courses available for students.

The Work: Our team has worked across all media platforms in working with this long term client. This has encompassed the construction of campaign oriented websites and landing pages to organising radio and TV appearances to media buying across numerous communities in Canada. Our digital team has also assisted with the college’s search engine optimisation (SEO) initiatives.

Testimonial: Sunflower Marketing has always provided excellent insights and results for our multicultural marketing campaigns. I have over 12 years of experience in marketing and am currently a VP in the field. Having worked with numerous vendors in this industry, I strongly recommend the Sunflower team if you want to grow your brand in Canada’s ethnic communities. New immigrants have become a larger and larger part of our student base. Thanks Sunflower! Bryan Wilson, VP Marketing, Sprott Shaw College