New Leaf Travel

Background: NewLeaf Travel is Canada’s new ultra-low-cost air travel company. Their low fares get you from here to there with the convenience of being able to add the extras you love, à-la-carte style. Most of the main routes are non-stop flights that aren’t currently offered by other companies. We want to spread the love to Canada’s smaller airports because of their laid back atmosphere, cheaper parking and awesome baggage handling. Plus, their lower fees keep more money in the bank for you.

Our Work: The introduction of New Leaf’s ultra-low rates into Canada’s highly priced airline fare sector has opened up travel opportunities for all Canadians, including recent immigrants. Our multicultural marketing team worked closely with New Leaf Travel to execute digital multicultural campaigns in Punjabi, and Tagalog on social media (Facebook Audience Network). Our team provided provided copy-editing, translation, graphic editing, and media buying services for multicultural execution.