City of Surrey

Background: The city of Surrey, British Columbia is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada with nearly 500,000 residents. This population base is spread in clusters across a vast land area, covering over 350 square kilometres – over three times the magnitude of neighboring Vancouver. Given its large area and rapidly growing population, the City of Surrey along with the regional transit authority, Translink, have been seeking to implement a public transit solution that will serve the region for decades to come. The two parties are currently proposing a network of Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines and stations to help improve connectivity in the region.

Our Work: To determine the viability of the LRT proposal, the City of Surrey and Translink recently hosted a series of public consultations. Our multicultural marketing team assisted this process through execution of an outreach campaign to the South Asian community, one of the city’s most active diverse communities. We provided media buying services, translation, copy-editing, and graphic design on this project.