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Multicultural marketing in Canada and the US

Sunflower Media is a one-stop shop for ethnic marketing plans, ad-op services, strategy, and more

Effective multicultural marketing is a combination of art and science. It requires sharp copy-writing/ translation skills and an up-to-date knowledge of available media options for languages like Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Punjabi, Hindi, and more. It also requires an insider’s lived experience of the intended cultural audience(s) as well as knowledge of the conversations trending in these communities.

Our team, with over 12 years of experience, offers both of these technical and soft skills. Our ethnic advertising services include strategy, media plans & recommendations, copy-writing & translation, graphic re-sizing, ad proofing, file tracking, and reporting/ analytics.

We are all things multicultural and our focus in this regard will help reduce your costs. Our market research and inventory is always current, we can provide fast turn-key execution, and work comfortably within tight turnaround times. Did you need a plan yesterday? Contact us below and we can make that happen.

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