T&T Supermarket

Background:  T&T Supermarket is a Canadian chain that specialises in Asian grocery. It is Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain. Founded by Taiwanese-Canadian entrepreneur Cindy Lee, T&T began with one store in in 1993 (at Vancouver’s Metrotown Mall). Today the chain has expanded to fifteen stores across Western Canada and nine more stores in Eastern Canada (eight stores are in the Greater Toronto Area including Downtown Toronto). Each outlet includes many departments including an in-house bakery, an Asian deli, a sushi bar, and a Chinese barbecue department. In 2009, T&T Supermarket was purchased by Loblaw Companies.

Our Work: T&T is expanding operations once again and opening a new store in Richmond, BC. Our Vancouver ethnic marketing team worked with the client to execute a print and digital HR staffing campaign that targeted the Filipino market. We provided media buying, and reporting services for the print, and copy-writing, translation, graphics, digital targeting, conversion tracking, and analytics for the digital campaign that achieved record levels of engagement. These ads ran in both English and Tagalog.