Tourism Northwest Territories

NWT-Tourism_Chinese-Canadian-NewsBACKGROUND: Northerners speak ‘welcome’ in no fewer than 11 official languages and many more, from countries that range from Armenia to Zimbabwe.
Visitors will always be welcomed in English, but chances are just about every second person you meet can speak at least one other language. Roughly half our 43,000 residents are First nations or Inuvialuit. The larger centres, Yellowknife, Inuvik and Hay River, are also home to more recent arrivals.
Who are we? From North to South, we are the Inuit and the Inuvialuit, the Gwich’in, the Sahtu Dene and Metis, the Dehcho people, the Tłįchǫ and the Akaitcho people.
Friendly, open and adventurous Northerners add to the charm of the Northwest Territories. You’ll meet them in every community and while travelling with our outfitters and guides. And every one has a great story to tell.

OUR WORK: In some Asian cultures, the Northern Lights are truly a magical phenomenon. In Chinese tradition, for example, a child conceived under the Northern Lights, is said to be blessed with good fortune given the auspicious solar activity. Our team executed a Chinese New Year multicultural marketing campaign on print and digital platforms. Our services included translation, graphic design, and media recommendations & execution.