Aga Khan Museum

BACKGROUND: This unique global institution is located in Toronto, Ontario where it houses a rare collection of Islamic art, Iranian (Persian) art and Muslim culture. The museum is an initiative of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network. The collection, which comprises some 1,000 objects, includes priceless examples of Qur’an manuscripts that demonstrate the variety of script, media and decorative styles that evolved in the Muslim world.
Among them, an eighth century North African folio demonstrates the earliest style of Kufic script written on parchment and a page from the well known ‘Blue Qur’an’ provides an example of gold kufic script on indigo-dyed parchment.

OUR WORK: As an institutional bridge between West and East, the Aga Khan Museum hosts events like its Shakespeare Wallah Film Series which explores the influence of the English bard on modern day Bollywood cinema. Our Toronto multicultural marketing team provided a variety of services on promotion of this campaign, including media recommendations, execution, and reporting.