Online campaigns executed in language typically outperform than those in English.

Programmatic advertising is the use of software to buy digital ads. Multicultural programmatic is amplifying that computing power with cultural knowledge.

Our competitive advantage in multicultural campaigns is knowledge of the cultural nuances of target language/ cultural markets: Punjabi, Hindi, Chinese, Tagalog, Arabic, Korean, Persian, and more. We utilise this ‘insider’ knowledge, for example, in capturing cultural affinity parameters that allow us to build audiences with far greater reach than if we only used language settings. We are also able to build creative that is more culturally current and therefore more likely to engage.

On the programmatic front, our ad tech infrastructure supports a wide variety of ad sizes and creative tags. We can also facilitate private marketplace placements depending on your campaign needs. Our team also executes campaigns across various major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdWords, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as more ethnically specific networks such as WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu.

Our digital execution includes programmatic execution, copy-writing & translation, graphic design, captioning / video-editing, audience targeting, conversion tracking, and analytics/ reporting.