Travel Portland


Travel-Portland-ChineseBackground: The weird and quirky Northwestern US city of Portland is truly ‘Happening Now’.

Located 500 kilometres from Vancouver – or approximately a 6 hour drive – Portland, Oregon is the new Seattle for Canadian cross-border residents.

The city has a growing cultural mystique that is attracting tourists from across the region – and having no state sales tax doesn’t hurt either.

Our Work: We helped introduce the attractions of Portland, Oregon to the consumer rich Chinese market in Vancouver. The timing of the campaign was set for Chinese Lunar New Year, the most auspicious time of the year for this community.

Our campaign marked the Year of the Goat, an important date for acknowledging relationships through gift exchanges and other social events.

The positioning of fullpage back-cover campaigns in Vancouver’s largest Chinese dailies attracted considerable attention from readers, aided no doubt by the client’s unique and eye-catching artwork.