Sparkling Hill Resort

Sparkling-Hill_imageBackground: Developed by Austria’s Swarovski family, Sparkling Hill is considered the premier European styled wellness resort in North America. Over three million individual crystals adorn Sparkling Hill resort, which itself in turn is immaculately carved – like a Swarovski gemstone – into the granite apex of a mountain overlooking Okanagan Lake. The 149 room resort provides a panorama of the north end of Okanagan Lake and the Monashee Mountains that ripple into horizon.

Our Work: Through a series of strategically written and placed editorials, we branded the resort to BC’s upper-end Chinese market. Our team worked closely with the staff and management at Sparkling Hill in crafting the editorial content and then with our Chinese translators to convey the elite status, and unique steam and sauna-oriented health treatments of this resort.