Chinese Marketing
& Advertising

Sunflower Media executes Chinese advertising campaigns.

Campaigns can be focused on single media platforms or multiple (print, digital, TV, and radio).

Our Chinese marketing team provides one-stop media buying, copy-writing & translation (in Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese), graphic services, and reporting.

Chinese Canadians

  • There are over 2.5 million people of Chinese background living in Canada.
  • Chinese Canadians live primarily in British Columbia (Vancouver), Ontario (Toronto), and Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton).
  • They hail from various regions in Asia: Chinese (Mainland), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian (diasporic).

Chinese Americans

  • There are over five million Americans of Chinese descent. Over half of Chinese-Americans live either in California or New York, in US cities like New York, Los Angeles. Other markets include Dallas, Chicago, and Washington DC.
  • Median household income as of 2010 for Chinese households as $65,050 – 30% higher than the average American household. In larger metropolitan centres, the difference in income per Chinese household from the rest of the population is even greater.

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